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What are the benefits of sage?

From cleansing energy to healing ailments, herbalists maintain sage in line with natural remedies. “Garden sage, just regular old culinary sage, has been used historically for anxiety and depression, colds, digestive complaints, and more,” says Sarah Corbett, clinical herbalist at Rowan + Sage.

One teaspoon of ground sage contains 10 percent of the daily value of vitamin K, which helps assist our bodies with bone health and blood clotting. The herb also reaps small amounts of other nutrients like magnesium and vitamin A.

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Moreover, the sage`s leaves are stacked with antioxidants that boast anti-inflammatory properties and help protect against free radicals. Herbs in the mint family, like sage and rosemary, include antioxidant powerhouses carnosic and rosmarinic acids.

Historically, people have used sage internally and topically as a cleansing herb. “Sage is generally seen to be highly aromatic, and therefore rich in antimicrobial compounds,” Corbett says. That’s thanks to its volatile oil content, she says, which early research supports. Research also suggests sage essential oil can be an effective disinfectant against airborne microorganismscan banish body odor when used as a deodorant, and can treat wounds and skin infections.

Sage might have added benefits for women. It is known that in traditional medicine, people use sage as a natural way to quell hot flashes during menopause. Sage can be helpful if you’re trying to wean off breastfeeding or are producing too much milk, although its effectiveness is more anecdotal, so take with a grain of salt (not literally).

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