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The Teddy Bear Coat

The joy of the teddy coat is that it can be pulled off by anyone—from likes of Carine Roitfeld (aka fashion royalty) to up-and-coming influencer talent such as Syana Laniyan. There's no set way to style it, but if the street style crowd are anything to go by, straight-leg jeans and simple jumpers are the way forward. In my opinion, the teddy coat actually cannot be worn by everyone. Of much as I like, I don`t look flattering in a teddy coat.

There are plenty of options available if you're on the hunt for a teddy coat—it's just as easy to spend as little as £50 as it is to splurge £5000 on one. However, one thing's for sure: This coat will be a dream on cold mornings when all you're craving is a lazy day.

It seems that the Teddy bear coats are equal parts cozy and chic, so they seem not to go out of style soon. So, you still have time to buy one, I am actually reconsidering to give it another try.

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