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The Benefits of Face Oil

No matter your skin type, using face oil is beneficial.

Conventional moisturizers, which combine waxes with water and oils, seal moisture in the skin with the wax. But they can also seal out some of the oil and water, not to mention the treatment benefits included in the formula. With oil, it all sinks right in. And most oils are already naturally infused with ingredients like antioxidants, polyphenols, and omega fatty acids.

You can use face oil to moisture the skin, but it’s also amazing for makeup touch-ups—instead of adding more makeup, pat some oil on to revive the makeup you’ve already got on. In either case, avoid the T-zone unless you have dry skin.

You really need an oil if you use retinols or other drying or antiblemish products. Treatments like Retin-A, AHA peels or creams, or breakout fighters from astringent toners can really help your skin, but they can also seriously dry it out.

On the flip side, even skin that’s decidedly not dry can also benefit from oils. While synthetic and mineral oil clog pores, most natural plant oils are not. Believe it or not, the right face oil can actually help balance skin.

You just need to find the right oil for you. Here are a few selections that I like. Having dry skin, oils have always been in my routine.

Fereto - Cellular Regenerating Night Serum

The Ordinary - 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Borage Seed Oil

L’Oréal Paris Nutri-Gold

Herbivore Botanicals - Lapis Facial Oil

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