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Minimalist: the wardrobe

When buying clothes you should always keep in mind the things that you already have in your wardrobe. You should buy items that are versatile and that you can mix and match to create different looks.

A women's wardrobe is always a work in progress and you sometimes do impulsive purchases and later on figure out that you bought something that you are not completely confident with or you end up wearing that item only once.

As a minimalist, you should avoid this. My wardrobe at this moment is not one of a minimalist, but my plan is to make easy steps to have only items that I am really confident about. This came to my mind because I tend to wear the same items because I just love them so much. So what is the point into having 10 shirts, if you only tend to wear 5 of your favorites?

The best items for creating different looks are of course neutral shirts, which can easily match either jeans or material-pants. You can easily put on a white shirt, a suit either a blazer and a pair of jeans and you could simply look amazing. The next day you can simply ditch the jeans and put on casual pants with a pullover and again have a good outfit. has good ideas on how to create capsule looks. Her current capsule wardrobe for spring is below and I think that it has beautiful pieces and can easily by mixed and matched for different looks.

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