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Make The Best Of Your Self-Care Routine

Good health isn’t only about being healthy physically, but also about how your emotional and mental well being. There are ways to make yourself feel better, easy steps that you can change in your routine.

Fragrance has long been known to calm the mind and body, and certain scents can actually help you fall into a relaxed state. Aromatherapy scents in the room are used to help set the mood, and you can replicate this experience at home by scenting yourself or your space with a fragrance that you associate with comfort and calmness. In this sense, I like to use perfume even when I am in the house because this just makes me feel more special.

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Returning to aromatherapy, here are some calming fragrances: Lavender Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Jasmine Oil and Geranium Oil.

While relaxing in a calming scent, this would be the perfect time to disconnect from your phone and social media apps. Maybe you can read a few pages and truly disconnect. If you don`t like the silence you can always put on some ambient music or even nature sounds: I like the best the waves or birds in the forest.

Believe me that if you start incorporating these you will feel a difference in your overall mood.

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