, pub-2905871877463161, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Louis Vuitton has unveiled its most futuristic watch

Louis Vuitton has unveiled its most futuristic watch

I am a watch lover. I feel that they are elegant and should always be an your wrist not only for checking the time, but as an accessory.

I remember the times when I would wear the watch but was checking my phone for the time.

The Tambour Curve Tourbillon Volant is stamped with the Geneva Seal, is a blend of exceptional know-how and new technologies.

Developed by the master watch makers at the Louis Vuitton's Fabrique du Temps, this model demanded traditional background but also a technological knowledge.The curved shape of its ultra-innovative face fits the wrist perfectly and it is covered with 100 layers of carbon in different sizes, its case is made even more unique.

This is indeed a very beautiful watch. congrats Louis! #vuitton #watch #tambourwatch #watches #accessories

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