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Jessica Wang a.k.a. NotJessFashion On Beauty Trends For 2020

Jessica Wang has a popular fashion blog called Not Jess Fashion and has over 713,000 followers on Instagram. Part of her job is to figure out what to showcase on the streets and of course to show us what is trendy.

So according to Jessica Wang , in 2020 we are most likely to see:

1. Loafers

Fall and winter has been all about boots and sneakers, but loafers will be on the spotlight. Jessica Wang thinks that this is great for everyone because loafers are not only super chic but practical and comfortable. "If you’re considering new ways to make this classic piece feel new, consider styling it with socks and a midi dress."

Here are some choices from Amazon:

2. Brown

Beige was all in 2019. So brown is said to be taking over. Jessica Wang says to" Ease into the trend with a pair of brown pants and pair it with a white turtleneck and loafers for a classic but modern outfit".

3. Two-Tone Fashion

The trend that’s slowly picking up steam is spliced or two-tone fashion. There’s everything from funky knitwear to sleek jeans and even shoes available in two-tone designs.

4. Ankle Chain

If you love your bling, you’ll appreciate that ankle chains are becoming a thing again. While you can shop chains separately, Jessica Wang appreciates shoes that have chains worked into the strap.

5. Checkers

Checks are quickly becoming an iconic print of 2020. Stick with a classic white and black palette like I did above or venture off into new territory with flashy sequins. You can wear a checkered print with a neutral color palette or mix it with animal prints for a fashion-forward ensemble.

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