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Have you heard about the “4-2-4 ″ method

For flawless skin, one of the most popular “4-2-4 ″ method is a skin cleansing method. In this method, the skin is massaged with care oil for 4 minutes and then the skin is cleaned with a cleaning gel for 2 minutes. Then the skin is rinsed with water for 4 minutes.

The 4-2-4 cleansing method is ideal for the winter months when skin can be severely dehydrated, as luxurious oils and nourishing creams are used.

It does sound a bit much, I mean first of all no one watches the clock when doing this. An rinsing you face for 4 minutes really sounds too much, but lets start with the beginning.

By massaging with the oil, you are improving circulation, you are bringing blood flow to the surface, but as you're massaging, you're also softening that top layer of the tissue and helping to remove debris and loosen any clogged pores. This I find that is a good step especially if you also have makeup on your face.

The next step is to apply right on top of the oil cleanser, a cream cleanser that will help to soothe and hydrated parched skin types. Which is a bit weird to do, because you already have oil on your face.

Last step is to spend 2 minutes rinsing your skin with warm water to help remove both cleansers, and all the dirt and impurities, and then the last 2 minutes splashing with cold water to encourage circulation and energize the complexion.

Would you try the 4-2-4 skin routine method?

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