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Finding Your Own Version of a Minimalist Life

Minimalistic living is essential to developing a sustainable lifestyle and will help you reduce the contributions you bring in this society of consumerism that we live.

You know why we cannot be minimalists? Or why this is hard?

Because very few people know exactly what their style are. Exactly what they like and not get bored easily. You cannot be a minimalist, decorate your home, and after a few weeks to feel the need to redecorate in a way in which you feel the need to bring more items.

So the first step in any minimalist’s journey is to step back and evaluate. Evaluate your life, your habits and find what truly are your needs. Then find an objective and stay focused because you which aspects you want to change. This stage is often the hardest because it can be emotionally challenging and overwhelming, but this will make the next stage easier.

Always give thought to what you are buying and bringing into your home. It is easy to give into retail therapy, but try to be conscious about the necessity of that item. So before you want to buy, think about if you really need it.

Next, you should simply take a quick look at all the things in your house and pick a place to start re-organizing. Good luck!

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