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Dye Hair For Home from COLORISTA

I am the type of person who likes having things done at home. When it comes to hair color this can be tricky, but not impossible. I went from a dark brown hair to a lighter shade of blonde over several months. I did not use bleach, I just used ashy blonde on my hair once every 3-4 months and my hair got lighter. Of course, it got only lighter, not an ashy blonde.

Colorista hair dye has a good range of colors.

Colorista hair dye :

1. High intensity, shimmering color 2. Long Lasting 3. Up To 3x More Shine

What`s amazing is the Colorista also has a Bleach version.You can use this and they your preferred color.

I have never used the bleach, so I cannot recommend this. Bleaching hair can be dangerous done at home and you might risk damaging your hair.

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