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De-Puff Your Face

There are many reasons why some of us wake up with a puffy face in the morning. Either you have a bad night crying, or ate something really salty.

Luckily, the beauty experts have created many beauty tools for massaging the face, while you can still do this using our hands.

The tools to help you massage the puff away from your swollen face. From traditional  jade rollers to a cool microcurrent treatment device, here are the beauty tools you can count to have you walking out the door with the swelling going down. 

The facial tools made out of natural stone is using the technique of guasha to de-puff your face. With a scraping of your face with the tool to increase blood circulation in the face, this will help de-puff and sculpt the face when used over a long period of time. Do remember to use afacial oil when using this tool for guasha though, as the tugging on your bare skin might cause more harm than help.

And alternative to the natural massage tool, we also have electric tools that are not just luxurious, but also more efective.

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