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Chicory Coffee

Chicory coffee is a caffeine free alternative to coffee. The root of this plant is used as coffee. Chicory tastes similar to the bitter taste that coffee has. However, chicory, whether used alone or with coffee, has benefits but also some side effects like having sedative effects because it relaxes the central nervous system. I personally did not feel the sedative effect after drinking chicory.

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I started to drink chicory when I discovered that I am histamine intolerant and because I had to avoid caffeine I really had to find an alternative. Since I love my coffee with milk, I was really glad to discover this miraculous plant that tastes the same as coffee.

One of the benefits that it has is that it reduces stress. Caffeine, of course, is a main ingredient found in coffee, and even small amounts are found in the decaffeinated versions. Consuming less caffeine can really help lower our stress levels.

I found many other benefits that chicory has and basically it is a wonder plant that helps your health and even detox your body. For all the benefits please check this website:

You can buy chicory in two options: powder which is soluble and roots of chicory which has to be strained. I like to use the one that has to be strained because it is more powerful in taste and you are sure that you are drinking only chicory since you can see the pieces. When preparing the chicory "coffee" you have to pour hot water over 2 small tablespoons of chicory and have to leave it for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes, we strain it. In case you leave it longer, the bits of chicory will ruin the taste because they will begin to dissolve.

Tomorrow I will add a special drink which chicory that I really like.

See you tomorrow!


Cicoarea este o alternativa pentru cafeaua fara cofeina. Radacinile acestei plante se folosesc pentru a prepara o bautura cu gust amar precum cel al cafelei. Totusi, efectul acestei bauturi poate fi adesea contrar celui pe care cafeaua o are si anume ca poate induce somnolenta. Eu nu am simtit acest efect de somnolenta dupa ce am baut cicoare.

Prima oara am descoperit cicoarea atunci cand cautam alternative pentru cafea. Avand o intoleranta la histamina, trebuia sa evit cofeina. Intrucat cafeaua fara cofeina poate contine urme de cofeina, am incercat sa gasesc varianta cea mai sanatoasa pentru mine. Astfel am descoperit cicoarea.

Un beneficiu important este ca reduce stresul, ajuta digestia si ficatul. Pentru o lista mai completa de beneficii va rog sa cititi articolul de pe:

Cicoarea se gaseste de cumparat sub forma solubila precum nesul, dar si sub forma granulata. Eu o prefer pe cea granulata pentru ca in acest fel sunt sigura ca ceea ce consum este doar cicoare. De asemenea si gustul este mai puternic. Pentru a prepara aceasta bautura ai nevoie de 2 lingurite mici de cicoare peste care se toarna apa fierbinte. Dupa 5 minute de infuzat, se strecoara. In cazul in care uiti sa o strecori, gustul devine tot mai amar, iar granulele incep sa se dizolve.

Maine voi imparti cu voi una din bauturile mele preferate avand ca ingredient principal cicoarea.

Pe maine!

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