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Beauty when you are a minimalist

Minimalism has its beauty, but is beauty right for minimalism?

Beauty comes in many forms. Beauty does not mean that you are just pretty. Beauty is so much more.

We know about beauty exactly what the beauty industry wants us to know.

The industry is continuously creating more beauty products for things that you didn't even think about. But if now is the time to live a minimalist lifestyle, where do you start in the beauty department?

I'm supposed to be a beauty blogger, but last year I decided that too many beauty products can be too much. The worst feeling about it? Is the feeling that you have when you realize that you were tricked into buying another product that you didn't really need, but you bought it because it had a gorgeous packaging.

Beauty does come in many forms and a shiny, glam package is just what we like.

To start being a minimalist when you like beauty products so much is tricky, but this is the best moment to learn about the needs of your skin. Once you understand how you work, then you should know what in what products to invest. Skincare and makeup products are many in a women's drawer. I still have many products, but when I finish them I will be more "picky".

I will know exactly what to buy, because until now I had the chance to test and try a couple of products from each category. So what do you need in our beauty drawer? Basically one item from each type of products. Does it sound ok?

As long as you are pleased with your products you should be fine with just one item per each. I do have a favorite cleanser (La Roche Posay - Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Facial Cleanser ), a travel size toner (Lancome Tonique Confort Toner) , favorite face creams (still many favorites here) , one eye cream (Fereto Hydra Firming Eye Cream) and a couple of lip balms.

So are you ready to start understanding what your skin needs?

Get ready to change your real beauty .

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