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Bacon Cheddar

So, it appears that I really like cooking new recipes. I never thought that I would like this that much, but being determined to be healthy and to stay away from allergies or food intolerances, really works and keeps you on the track to become a cook :) just kidding about the cook part. But I find that when you are interested in nutrition, trying new recipes or discovering new ingredients is kinda fun. It is never to late to acknowledge the fact that we need to pay attention to what we add in our bodies.

~Se pare ca imi place gatitul destul de mult si nu as fi crezut vreodata ca voi spune acest lucru. Ceea ce ma determina sa gatesc saptamanal este dorinta de a manca sanatos, de a ma simti bine si de a ocoli intolerantele alimentare, pe care din fericire am reusit sa le tin sub control. Mi-am dat seama ca atunci cand esti interesat de nutritie, gatitul devine o pasiune. Nu este niciodata prea tarziu sa incepi sa ai grija de organismul tau oferindu-i alimente sanatoase.

Ingredients / Ingrediente:

  • bacon strips / fasii de bacon

  • 1/2 cup of konjac flour / 1/2 ceasca faina de konjac

  • ricotta cheese / branza ricotta

  • 1 cup cheddar cheese / o ceasca cascaval cheddar

  • raw buckwheat / boabe de hrisca

Preparation / Preparare

We cut the bacon strips in small pieces and we grater the cheddar cheese

~ Taiem fasiile de bacon in bucati mici si dam cheddarul pe razatoare.

We add some buckwheat in the ricotta cheese and mix it. Then we form balls of ricotta with bacon and cheddar cheese. In order to make the shape we tumble them in konjac flower.

~ Incepem sa formam bile din ricotta cu bacon si cheddar, rostogolindu-le in faina de konjac pentru a le da forma.

We then place them on a baking dish and add them to the over for -15-20 minutes.

~ Punem bilele la cuptor si le lasam timp de 15-20 de minute.

Bon Appetit! Pofta buna!

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