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Add retinoids to your skincare

Retinoid. Retinol. Is in fact vitamin A.

This ingredient is supposed to plump up wrinkles, slow down premature skin ageing and boost regeneration. On top of these, retinol can also help to clear acne, minimize the look of pores and brighten your skin tone. It sounds like this is a big ingredient, right?

So, either you buy one of the beauty products that has retinol (although they are quite expensive), or you can just use vitamin A from the pharmacy by adding it to your cosmetic products, such as moisturizers and even sunscreen.

Still you might find beauty products that are affordable, such as

Clinique Fresh Pressed Clinical Daily + Overnight Boosters with Pure Vitamin C 10% and A

These 2 combos promises prescription-level results with products that only get activated upon first use.

Apply the vitamin C in the daytime and retinol at night.

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