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Your Pimple-Be-Gone Routine

Step 1: Wash your face. Obvious, but there are genuinely so many germs hiding in your pores (especially living in NYC), so start with a fresh face. I love GlamGlow's Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser because it removes all the oil from my face without making my skin feel dry or tight.

Step 2: After running a washcloth under warm water for 30 seconds, apply it directly on top of your pimple. The heat will open your pores, relax your skin, and also feel so good when pimples are painful. Emma Hardie's cleansing cloths are great because one side is microfiber to help remove product and the other is muslin to help provide a deep cleanse.

Step 3: Use a clay mask on the pimple. You can apply the clay mask all over if you want, but I decided to spot-treat my skin instead to focus on the area I was struggling with the most: my pimples. I was honestly a little scared to do a full mask and cause my skin to freak out more, so I dabbed the masks directly on top of my pimples.

Step 4: Go over pimples with a toner. I had never used a toner before this, but I had a GlamGlow toner and used that to go over my pimples. I felt like this helped clean my skin and remove any oils that may have lingered or may be adding to my pimples.

Step 5: Use a dark spot corrector. No matter what, you will have a bit of a dark spot, so a corrector helps minimize even the faintest mark. Okay, honestly, I am so mad I haven't been using a corrector because it helps remove dark spots significantly faster and I just had it sitting in my apartment.

Step 6: Seriously, do not touch it! I promise if you practice a little self-control (and maybe spend less time in front of a mirror), a few days later you will be fine! The pimples will go away and you'll be good to go.


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