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The After Summer Skincare

Summer holidays are over and now it is time to feel totally recovered and balanced. The first tan has disappeared and numerous sun bathes, chlorine, wind and air conditions make your skin look pale and stressed. The callused skin has thickened because of the sun and a light callosity has been built. That is why the skin is rougher and flakier as usually and needs more moisture.

Furthermore, free radicals are built by the UV radiation and collagen fibres, the supporting tissue of our skin, are reduced.  Your skin should not be neglected at any time of the year, but it is particularly important to take intensive care of your skin after your summer holidays.  The first step is to free your skin from dead skin cells. “Professional” peelings done by an aesthetician are special peelings that work more intensively than a peeling done at home and provide new freshness and radiance. A peeling, whether done by an aesthetician or at home, stimulates the blood flow and thus the regeneration of your skin. Afterwards, the skin is very receptive and ingredients can better penetrate into the skin. A high supply of moisture is now very important. Products with moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, allantoin as well as alginates are perfect. So called hydration boosters are ideal for a quick care effect: highly-concentrated serums. Our skin steadily loses moisture during the warm and sun intensive months. Instead of applying several layers of your hydrating cream to repair your skin, You should better apply an intensive moisturizing mask once a week. 

Other beauty tips for your skin care repair would be to apply oatmeal on your face. Oatmeal will help your skin pull in more moisture and hold on to it longer.

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