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How to Have a Better Meal at Work

Lunches can be pretty bleak: limp salad, mushy sandwiches, take-out soups that are really mediocre. And of course, you should consider the overpriced meals that lack quality and good taste.

“It is still hard for people to eat delicious food that’s affordable, easily accessible and good for you—especially in this ever-increasing pace of life,” says Phil Winser, founder of downtown New York’s venerable veg-centric boîte, The Fat Radish.

You should know that the only way to eat healthy is to cook for yourself. Because then you know exactly the ingredients that you used and also the method you used for cooking.

Consider Different CuisinesTake a cue from Tyme and get inspired from the flavors of the world. “There is a saying that ‘if it grows to together it goes together,’ so in some dishes we take inspiration from countries we love,” says Winser. Mix black beans, chopped avocado, corn, and cilantro for a Mexican-inspired version, or roasted eggplant, faro, tomato sauce, and white beans for an Italian tinge. Stay focused and make your research and start eating healthy.

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