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Pitaya or Dragonfruit: This Year’s Trendiest New Fruit

Pitaya, or dragonfruit, is the trendiest new fruit. It's vibrant pink skin, scaly green leaves, unusual shape and speckled flesh,  makes you want to run to the kitchen and cut up a fruit plate!

If you’re new to pitaya, it is a fruit native to Central and South America that’s now commonly grown in southeast Asia. Although it looks tropical, like something out of a rainforest, pitaya is actually the fruit of a kind of cactus and can grow in dry, desert regions. Pitaya has a very subtle sweetness, similar to an earthy watermelon. White-fleshed pitaya is milder, while red-fleshed pitaya has a richer flavor. Pitaya grown in drier regions tends to be more sour. The flesh is juicy with crunchy, black seeds, similar to kiwi in texture!

Pitaya is a fun addition to your diet packed with nutrients too. Both red and white-fleshed pitaya is nutritious, however red-fleshed pitaya contains more beneficial antioxidants. It’s rich in minerals like magnesium and iron and also contains the antioxidant vitamin C. 

To eat pitaya, cut it in half and peel or cut away the leathery pink skin, which has a bitter flavor. To save time, you can also find frozen pitaya chunks in many grocery stores.


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