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Skincare Fridge Essentials

A Skincare Fridge is all the craze right now, and I'm telling you if you are a skincare addict, you will absolutely need one. I first found out about the skincare fridge a few weeks ago and decided to buy one. I keep it in my room on one of my nightstands, and the first thing I do after brushing my teeth is grab my jade roller from the fridge and roll my face. I used to keep it in the fridge in my kitchen, along with other skincare products, but I find this more hygienic.

You can buy the same pink and cute fridge by clicking the above photo.

I call it the skincare fridge and since the fridge is small, I rotate what I keep in there. Jade roller and under eye pads are always a must, though. Basically, keeping your skincare products cold not only helps with making you feel more refreshed when you use them, but it aids tremendously in bringing down puffiness, swelling,

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