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Spring 2019 Nail Trends to Try

Hundreds of new nail ideas have bloomed this year. Between cool, minimalist nail-art options, fresh takes on negative space, and enough metallic accents to make our eyes shine, they are all in trend. See below the best nail polish ideas :

Rainbow Pastels

Why choose one pastel shade when you can wear them all? Go big or go home with a mix of blues, pinks, oranges, and purples.

Petal Nails

They actually are kind of groundbreaking on your nails. Nail artist Alicia Torello used Deborah Lippmann's Blue Orchid and Laughin to the Bank to draw these tiny petals on.

Bright Cuticles

Trace an electric-blue line right at your cuticle or any bright color because it is summer.


The arts-and-crafts pattern is having a real moment in the fashion spotlight once again. And when we say "a moment," we mean it's everywhere: T-shirts, sweaters, accessories, and yep, even nails.

Slime Green

Our Nickelodeon days might be over, but our love for slime lives on. Copy nail artist Betina Goldstein and use two coats of Essie Nail Polish in Blanc and one coat of Stencil Me In to really make the green pop.

Iridescent Pearls

This look from Korean nail artist Park Eunkyung is extra in all the right ways. Pearls! Studs! Shimmer! Be still, our hearts.

Mix-and-Match Neutrals

Neutrals go with everything, they’ll definitely go with more neutrals, right?

Rhinestone Outlines

Combine spring's two biggest trends—rhinestones and cuticle art—into one crazy-cool-looking mani (as nail artist Naomi Yasuda did here)

Gradient Neutrals

Go for neutral shades with the same undertone (like blush pink), starting with the deepest on your thumb. We love these shades from Sundays.

Glittery Stars

Trace a single black star over a clear base, then fill it in with glitter.

Press-on Stickers

The statement nails at Preen were actually just press-on stickers, glossed over with clear nail polish. In other words: The possibilities and combinations are endless.

Blank-Space Nails

The best part about the minimal blank-space trend? It requires hardly any skill or polish. Try a single diagonal stripe in a muted pastel purple or gray to cop this look from Tibi. (We love Essie's Serene Slate collection.)

Cat-Eyes Manis

If you're a sucker for a cat eye, prepare to be hooked immediately. On nails, it’s both easy to re-create and utterly cool to look at—especially with Essie's metallic purple Girly Grunge as a base.

Star Studs

Studs or stickers take a plain base to the next level. (Try these stick-ons from Olive & June.)

Checkerboard French Mani

The classic French gets a mod-London makeover. Just pile on the mascara, zip up your white boots, and you'll be good to go.

Confetti Nails

Add a few holographic nail stickers to the base of nude nails, and you've got an instant party.

Zigzag Nails

This zigzag is part abstract, part line chart, and 100 percent unexpected.

Duo Textures

To keep layered polish from looking muddy, take a note from Zang Toi and play with texture: matte in the middle, shine at the rims.

Metal-Dipped Nudes

The new way to do a classic French mani? With futuristic metals at the tips.

Random Waves

Stagger wavy lines in an arresting shade of red over a white base: instant cool.

Bright Orange Nails

Jin Soon Choi purposely started her zesty orange nails slightly above the cuticles for a too-cool-to-care look at Marc Jacobs. Mission accomplished.

Negative-Space Moons

The metallic is amazing, but even better is how long you can stretch this mani. It's lazy-girl paradise.

Split Shades

Make like Anne Hathaway and keep half of your nails clear and the other half dark—with a silver metallic line right through the center.

Bubblegum Dots

Polka dots can look cutesy on, but on a clear base in varying sizes they're anything but.

Abstract Squares

Mix and match different colored squares at the base and tips of each of your nails.

Silver X's

An easy way to jazz up spring's best pastel nail shades? Trace an X (but only on the left side of each nail) in silver.

Fine Lines

A cool riff on blank-space nails: Draw a thin neon line on your tips and coordinating metallic line at your cuticles.

Ocean-Blue Tips

These ocean-blue waves are like a serious case of wanderlust. Copy nail artist Alicia Torello and use Christian Louboutin lacquer in Baraboum.

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