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The carnivore diet: what’s known, what’s not

Meat for breakfast, ground round for lunch, ribs for dinner? Would this be a dream or a nightmare? Is eating a diet that consists only of animal products a healthy way to eat or an overly-restrictive regimen that borders on an eating disorder?

Surprisingly or not, there are no research studies made for this diet. This diet can also be called a zero carb diet, the carnivore diet is a 100% animal food diet — meat, fish, eggs, high-fat dairy products and animal fats. The diet doesn’t contain any above ground vegetables or berries.

The carnivore diet has been getting a lot of attention lately. There are forums with thousands of members, numerous articles in mainstream media, podcasts and hundreds of YouTube videos.

According all the various carnivory websites, Facebook groups and discussion forums, it seems the majority of people who try this diet tried a ketogenic diet first, but were dissatisfied with their results and desired better or more dramatic outcomes, prompting the trial of carnivory.

I find a keto diet being more balanced because it s highly recommended to eat many greens. Despite the controversy, some high-profile individuals are sharing how a carnivore diet put into remission their intractable problems, especially mental illness and serious autoimmune conditions.

The opinions are many, and no one can guaranty that any diet can fit everyone`s body type and needs. You can try and decide for yourself, but don`t forget to consult your doctor because going on a carnivore diet is brutal.

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