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Beauty Product Updates - Are they effective?

So, I have been wanting to make this post for a while. And here it comes.

I have been using several products that I bought either because I thought they will be effective for my skin, either I read reviews and they were good. But were they indeed good? Let`s find out.

1. Lancome Hydra Zen BB Cream

This was the first time posting about this product:. Click the picture to read the article.

This is indeed as good as it says it is. For dry skin this is a wonder! It does not have full coverage, it does not any coverage at all, but it makes the skin look healthy and glowy.

I will definitely re-buy this one and make sure that it does not miss my makeup bag.

2. Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer

I must say that I have not tried that many primers, but I doubt this one hopping that it will make a difference by making m makeup last longer and also hopping that it will give a shine to the makeup.

The truth? It did not make my makeup last longer. It did not change this aspect. Did my skin glow more? Not quite sure about this. I think that the only effect that this product gives you is that you feel special applying it, because you know its Estee Lauder.

3. Isis Pharma Light Eyes SPF 30 Contour

I bought this because it has SPF 30 and sun protection is very important. It has UVA si UVB protection. The texture is indeed light. I sometimes feel that I need to use an additional eye cream when applying make up. So I use the Isis Pharma Light Eyes SPF 30 first, and then apply another face cream on all the face for moisture.

It also says that this eye contour can help in reducing dark circles, which I cannot say that it really does. I always have dark circles, but I would note say that this eye contour helps in this aspect.

I think that it really just is an eye cream sun protection.

4. Bioderma Atoderm Nutritive

This is my favorite face cream. Because I have dry to very dry skin, this is a really nutritive face cream. It does feel a bit heavy on the skin, and if you apply it at night, you can feel in the morning that you skin is really hydrated and full.

This is indeed a product that cannot be missing from your beauty bag, especially and only if you have very dry skin.

5. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

I bought this product right after the big avalanche of people promoting this brand. The Ordinary had such a great appearance on the market and many bloggers starting talking about the greatness of their products. I chose to buy a product that have a bit of hyaluronic acid and also that would help for hydrate the skin.

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