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Summer 2019 Sunglasses Trends

The sun is already shining, and you must protect your eyes with some of the stunning 2019 sunglasses!

Here are some of the creative trends:

Chose you favorite.

#1. Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses provide the most protection, which means they also cover a lot of the face. Their key marker is that they are not bi-framed but instead are made of one large piece of protective, see-through material that covers both eyes and the bridge of the nose.

#2. Sporty Sunglasses

With the big comeback of the shield sunglasses, the summer 2019 eye wear trends also capitalized on the sporty structure both used for the above-mentioned glasses and for more delicate designs.

#3. Extreme Bling

Jewels and embellishments are a common sight on high-end sunglasses, but this season designers took it to the extreme. If you define yourself as “extra” then this will be one of your favorite spring/ summer 2019 sunglasses trends.

#4. Patterned Frames

There were unique spring 2019 print trends all over the runways this season, so it was only natural that they would also show up on the spring/ summer 2019 sunglasses. The brands that really stood out with fabric patterns are also the ones with noteworthy patterns and prints on their sunglasses frames.

#5. Red Frames

At Versace, triangular sunglasses had a bright red frame that contrasted against a soft blue lens. It was all about colorful plastic frames at Salvatore Ferragamo, where one pair with red frames and black lenses looked almost identical to the glasses I still think of wistfully.

#6. Triangle Shaped Lenses

This season, the spring 2019 sunglasses with triangle lenses had a futuristic effect, rather than a retro one. They were sleek and sophisticated, with a slight avant-garde vibe.

#7. Horizontally Slim Lenses

While overall over sized lenses ruled the spring/ summer 2019 sunglasses trends, a few ultra-skinny sunglasses fought to also gain their place in the list. Horizontally slim lenses, for the most part, had a futuristic effect, and showed up in both triangular and rectangular shapes.

#8. Tiny Sunglasses

Alongside the mod futuristic skinny sunglasses, the spring/ summer 2019 eye wear trends also featured interesting shapes of tiny sunglasses that came to rather accessorize than shield your eyes from the sun-rays.

#9. Big Square Lenses

Square-lens sunglasses are perfect and timeless – you can use them to shield your face on days when eye makeup was just too much trouble, and know that you will look fashionable without trying too hard. It was not a surprise to see them become one of the spring/ summer 2019 eye wear trends.

#10. Unique Eye wear Shapes

Some of the spring 2019 sunglasses did not fit in into any of the trends because they were just that innovative. Designers played fast and loose with traditional eye wear shapes and created fascinating variations on sunglasses.

Monse, with asymmetrical aviators, really broke ground, although we suspect only the most daring of fashionistas would be willing to wear those particular creations. At Acne Studios, we really enjoyed the look of melted, mangled shield sunglasses. This kind of purposeful destruction is very iconic of Acne.

#11. Round Lenses

If sharp edges are just not your thing, then the spring/ summer 2019 sunglasses with round lenses might be more your style. Most of the sunglasses we saw with round lenses had a glamorous quality, as they were beautifully over sized.

#12. Cat Eyes

Cat eye sunglasses hold a retro charm, and they are perfect for elongating the face and emphasizing the cheekbones. We saw both modern and old-school takes on them in the spring/ summer 2019 eye wear trends.

#13. Heart Frame

The heart framed sunglasses from the film Lolita became instantly iconic, so even though we only saw these kinds of glasses show up on the runway twice – they still stuck in our mind.

#14. Butterfly Sunglasses

Seems like designers wanted to pay homage to butterflies in any possible way this spring, utilizing butterfly motifs everywhere from the spring/ summer 2019 fashion trends as clothing embellishments to the patterns to the summer 2019 sunglasses. Butterfly sunglasses can be the perfect, more wearable alternatives to the heat frames, yet this spring they sometimes look quite risqué and futuristic to quench the sartorial thirst of all the bold ones out there.

#15. Flat Top Sunglasses

One of the more unique design trends to show up on the spring/ summer 2019 sunglasses was a flat top. Basically, we saw multiple sunglasses where the top part of the eye wires was perfectly straight.

#16. Two-Toned Lenses

The sunglasses with two-toned lenses are some of the more fun and innovative of the spring 2019 sunglasses, thanks to unique color combinations and exciting shapes.

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