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Is Foreo Luna Worth the Price?

The skin care industry is always developing new skin care technology, with Foreo Luna being one device that has caught the attention of many consumers recently. But is this face cleansing machine really what it claims to be? Can it really make your skin care routine much more effective?

Because the Foreo Luna is quite expensive, and can be a pricey experiment for someone with a limited skin care budget.

The Foreo Luna device has two main functions; to improve skin cleaning and to stimulate collagen production. The device achieves both of these objectives by utilizing sonic pulsations that are gently applied to the skin.

To cleanse the skin, Foreo Luna has a side equipped with small silicone bristles, which are meant to gently scrub the skin and remove dirt particles. The manufacturer claims that the Luna is so effective that 99.5% of dirt and oil is removed from pores. Further, the company claims that 98.5% of makeup residue is cleared out as well. This is achieved through the combination of the silicone bristles and the 8,000 pulsations per minute that are delivered to the skin.

The Foreo Luna is meant to be used twice per day, in the morning and at night, during your skin cleansing routine.

The first part is the actual cleansing of the skin to remove dirt, oil and makeup. To do this, apply your regular facial cleanser to the skin and spread it throughout the face. Then, turn on the cleansing side of the Foreo Luna and gently rub the bristles on the skin. Each part of the face should get approximately 15 seconds of scrubbing per session, which should help lift up some of the dirt and oils from the pores. After the scrubbing portion is complete, turn off the device, wash the face cleanser off your skin, and pat it dry with a clean towel.

Although there are quite a few positive Foreo Luna reviews online, this device can be an expensive addition to your skin care routine. Some versions of the Luna sell for $199, while others sell for nearly $300.

Where can you buy the Foreo products? Here, click the pictures.

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