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Bacon Sour Keto Soup with Parmesan

Ingredients / Ingrediente:

125 gr. bacon cubes / 125 gr. cubulete de bacon

80 gr. sour cream / 80 gr. smantana

40 gr. Parmesan / 40 gr. Parmesan

500 ml. chicken soup / 500 ml. supa de pui

100 gr. chicken breast / 100 gr. piept de pui

3 tbs. tomato sauce with chili / 3 lg. de sos de rosii cu chili

oregano, salt, piper, paprika / oregano, sare, piper, paprika

How to make it:

You first boil the chicken breast (cut in small pieces) in 500 ml water with salt. Meanwhile, we add the bacon cubes in a pan and fry it with piper and paprika for 4-5 minutes.

~ Prima oara fierbem pieptul de pui in 500 ml. apa cu putina sare. Intre timp, punem cubuletele de bacon intr-o tava la prajit cu piper si paprika.

When the chicken is cooked, we can add the fried bacon, grated Parmesan, sour cream and tomato sauce along with the rest of the condiments. You let the soup cook for 10 more minutes on low heat.

~ Dupa ce a fiert pieptul de pui,adaugam in supa cubuletelede bacon, parmesanul dat pe razatoare, smanatana si sosul de rosii impreuna cu restul de condimente. Amestecam si lasa supa la foc mic pentru inca 10 minute.

Bon Appetite! Pofta Buna!

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