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No Carbs Moussaka - Musaca fara carbohidrati

Ingredients / Ingrediente:

  • half a cauliflower / jumatate de conopida

  • 500 grams ground pork / 500 de grame de carne tocata de porc

  • one carrot / un morcov

  • condiments: salt, pepper, paprika, oregano / condimente: sare, piper, paprika, oregano

  • slices of Gouda cheese / felii de cascaval Gouda

You add the ground pork in a frying pan with 100 ml of water. Let it cook for 15 minutes and add all condiments.

Meanwhile, you add the cauliflower and carrot in a blender and blend it until it the food is shredded in small pieces and becomes a composition.

You now can add the cauliflower and carrot above the meat in the frying pan and stir for 5 minutes.

~ Punem carnea tocata intr-o tigaie cu 100 de ml de apa si o lasam sa fiarba pentru 15 minute, dupa care adaugam toate condimentele. Intre timp, in blender punem conopida si morcovul si le blenduim pana obtinem o compozitie omogena. Aceasta compozitie o vom adauga in tigaie peste carne si le amestecam 5 minute.

We split the composition into 2 parts. We add one layer of this composition in an oven pan. On this layer we add slices of cheese, of your preference, I used Gouda cheese. We spread the remaining composition and add another layer of Gouda cheese on top.

~ Impartim compozitis din tigaie in doua parti. Intindem o parte din compozitie intr-o tava, peste acest strat punem felii de cascaval Gouda. Peste cascaval intindem compozitia ramasa, dupa care punem inca un strat de cascaval Gouda.

We add it in the oven for 40 minutes.

~ Punem tava la cuptor pentru 40 de minute.

Bon Apettit! Pofta Buna!

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