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Plant your own pineapple in a flower pot

I love pineapple because it is such a great tropical fruit that has many benefits and also an amazing taste.

I do not eat that many fruits, but when I eat them, I like to have fruits from which I actually benefit from. Pineapple not only tastes good and fresh reminding you of summer, but also helps the organism in many ways.

The main benefit is that it boosts the immunity system. Because the pineapple contains vitamin C it helps fighting illnesses and boosting the immune system by stimulating the activity of white blood cells and acting as an antioxidant.

It helps digestion. Eating pineapples can protect you from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, blood clotting, as well as high blood pressure. Being rich in fiber, it helps the food travel through the digestive tract at a normal rate and stimulates the release of gastric juice to help the food dissolve. This effect is also because pineapple contains bromelain.

Improves bone health. Although pineapple is not famous for having strong calcium content, it does have a big amount of manganese. Manganese is a essential mineral for the strengthening of bones, as well as their growth and repair.

Improves vision. The eye is the most important sensory organ and the pineapple has the ability to improve eye health. For more benefits check

A few month ago, I was reading an article about someone who planted his own pineapple in his home. I found it strange because that person did not live in a tropical zone, but still the pineapple grew or at least it became a beautiful plant that bloomed.

The first thing to do is to buy a pineapple, best to be ripped. You then remove the pineapple crown and cut the existing pulp from the bottom of the crown. This crown will have to be kept for 4-6 weeks in a glass with water. The quantity of water has to reach the crown bottom. In these weeks, roots will start growing from the crown.

When the roots are 5-6 cm, you plant it in soil in a hotchpotch. Since pineapples are slow-growing plants, do not expect to see blooms for at least two to three years. The fruit may not even grow, but you at least tried your best :)

In this time, you need to provide you pineapple or beautiful plant with:

  1. At least six hours of bright light per day;

  2. Water your plant as needed, allowing it to dry out some between watering;

  3. Keep the plant away from freezing temperatures.

Check out the step by step process:

Hope you enjoy and try this experiment! :)


Imi place ananasul pentru ca este un fruct tropical gustos, care are si multe beneficii.

Sunt genul de persoana care nu mananca prea multe fructe, dar atunci cand o fac, am grija sa mananc fructe care aduc beneficii organismului. Ananasul este unul dintre acele fructe!

Beneficiul cel mai important este faptul ca este bogat in vitamina C, astfel imbunatateste sistemul imunitar in lupta cu racelile.

Ajuta digestia. Ananasul este bogat in fibre care ajuta mancarea sa circule prin sistemul digestiv, stimuland de asemenea si sucul gastric. Consumand constant ananas poti scapa de costipatie, de sindromul colonului iritat si de tensiune arteriala crescuta. Acest efect este datorat si bromelinei, aceasta este o enzima ce scindeaza proteinele in peptide, accelerand digestia acestora. Ea stimuleaza digestia si activitatea intestinului subtire, permitand digerarea rapida a proteinelor. Datorita acestui mecanism, ananasul este recomandat in curele de slabire, producand si scaderea celulitei.

Imbunatateste sanatatea sistemului osos. Fiind bogat in mangan, ananasul ajuta sistemul osos sa fie puternic.

Imbunatateste vederea. Consumand ananas vei avea vederea mai buna. Pentru mai multe detalii despre beneficiile ananasului intrati aici:

Acum cateva luni am citit un articol despre cum sa plantezi ananasul in ghiveci. Mi s-a parut extrem de ciudata aceasta idee, dar am fost destul de curioasa de acest experiment.

Primul lucru pe care trebuie sa il faci este sa cumperi un ananas, preferabil destul de copt. Indepartezi coroana pe care o vei pune intr-un bol cu apa timp de 4-6 saptamani. Coroana trebuie sa prinda radacini in aceste saptamani de aproximativ 5-6 cm.

Dupa ce au crescut radacinile, se planteaza coroana intr-un ghiveci cu pamant. Pentru ca de regula ananasul creste lent, nu te astepta sa infloreasca in urmatorii 2-3 ani :) Este posibil ca fructul sa nici nu creasca, dar merita de incercat experimentul.

Pe parcursul acestor saptamani, trebuie sa ii oferi ananasului:

  1. Cel putin 6 ore de lumina pe zi;

  2. Suficienta apa, insa trebuie sa lasi pamantul sa se usuce inainte de a-i pune apa din nou;

  3. Caldura

Mai multe detalii despre cum sa platenzi ananasul aici:

Sper sa va placa acest experiment! :)

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